Alameda Llum 2012

Javier Riera, Land art artist, transforms the city of Valencia. Art invades a space in the Turia river gardens with the Alameda Llum project. Eleven projections were projected for two months in the gardens of the River Turia, modifying the public space.  The artist questions our relationship with nature and makes us all participants in it.

Alameda Llum



Alameda Llum 2012
Alameda Llum 2012
Alameda Llum 2012
Alameda Llum 2012
Alameda Llum 2012
Alameda Llum 2012
Alameda Llum 2012
Alameda Llum 2012

The Artist

Javier Riera:

“This intervention has a contemplative character through which I attempt to produce a certain beneficial effect in the spectator. I hope that they are transported, as far as possible, to a place they have not visited before or even somewhere they have perhaps visited and subconsciously want to go back to. I hope it heightens their awareness without causing narcissistic distress, but creating a bridge towards something positive and necessary, which is inside us all but is not always easy to reach.”

The Experience

Valencia is transformed. Art invades the streets with the Alameda Llum project in the form of eleven projections that intervene with, and transform, the public space. The gardens of the River Turia become the protagonist of this contemporary art installation, with which the creator questions our relationship with nature, inviting us to take part. 
For one and a half months, in the section of the former riverbed near the Science Museum, Riera’s installation will give visitors the chance to stroll, observe, imagine, reflect and enjoy. The project is an initiative of FONDO ARTE-AS and is sponsored by Valencia City Council, the security company Feix and the winery Nodus. It also counts on collaboration from the studio of architecture Ramón Esteve, the furniture company Vondom and the jazz duo Atteno’clock.

Born in Avilés, Asturias (1964), Javier Riera is one of the most outstanding creators of his generation. A significant evolution is apparent in his work, which culminates in him adapting to the most accurate technology of our time. Starting with paint and subtle references to nature, he has ended up creating his own landscape with the intervention of geometry.


Each day at dusk -between 15 November and 28 December- and with the garden acting as a screen, eleven projections of light will transform the customary everyday landscape.

PLAN OF THE FACILITIES: 1.RT CB // 3.DDC DN // 5.DDC ALL // 7.SF SP // 9.PL CB 2.GR DN // 4.LB 6 // 6.RV CG // 8.CRP ALL // 10.DA VL

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Production and Sponsoring

Produced by:

City Council of Valencia
Fondo Arte S.A.

Sponsored by:

at ten oclock