Domicilio Particular-GAS®




Domicilio Particular-GAS® is an innovative concept conceived by the Ana Serratosa Gallery and registered in Europe, USA and Mexico. 

This concept consists of an intervention in the space of a residential building, carried out by several artists who are assigned a corner of the building so that they can transform these spaces with their work, always accompanied by the narrative of a curator to create a story. This performance seeks to humanise buildings in cities by giving a sense of belonging to their inhabitants, a dialogue and a unique experience.
If you want to find out more about the project you can consult this link.

This concept is a building intervened in its entirety with art, composed of three parts:

The common or semi-public part.

Essential in order to be registered, it includes all the common areas of the building. These parts are the way up to the flats from the entrance, the stairwell and the lift landing. All of them intervened by works made by a selection of artists and curated by a professional who creates a story.

If you want to know the common or semi-public part of the Cabillers 5 building in Valencia, click on this link.

You can also consult the catalogue of this part of the building: "Inventar el espacio 2020. Intimidades Colectivas".

Stairwell, intervened by Bernardí Roig



The private part.

The private part is made up of the interior of the building's dwellings. Here the artists' works also intervene in the space of the home, but this time in a more intimate way.

Interior of a flat, intervened by the artists Bernardí Roig and Venske & Spänle



The public part.

It is the ground floor of the building, also intervened with a work of an artist, which becomes a showcase to the street where it is always ready to the gaze of passers-by, surprising them as they pass by.

It is also a nod from the building to the street of what this concept of Domicilio Particular - GAS® means, which makes it a unique building.

Shop window overlooking the street, intervened by Javier Riera. September 2022



This first building intervened in Valencia with this concept is Domicilio Particular-GAS® Cabillers 5 Valencia. 

Domicilio Particular-GAS® could be replicated in another part of the city, in another part of Spain or in another country, with other artists and other works, but always under this registered trademark, thus preserving the meaning and not distorting the concept.



The public part of Domicilio Particular-GAS de Cabillers 5®, which is the shop window overlooking the street, has become an extension of the Ana Serratosa Gallery, with emblematic works by artists exhibited in the Gallery or in museum spaces.

  • "100 Words of Love", 2010
    170.5 x 182.9 x 172.1 cm
    Epoxy resin and acrylic


    Ghada Amer (1963. Cairo, Egypt) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work primarily addresses the ambiguous and transitory nature of the paradox that arises when seeking concrete definitions of East and West, feminine and masculine, art and craft. Through her paintings, sculptures and public garden projects, Amer takes traditional notions of cultural identity, abstraction and religious fundamentalism and inverts them to advocate an ethical positioning for our times. Find out more about the artist and her project in the city of Valencia.

    "100 Words of Love" is an oval-shaped sculpture with fluid intersecting lines that produce a play of light and shadow on the surrounding wall and floor. They invite the viewer to look back and forth between the inside and outside of the object and to hypnotically contemplate the space within the sculpture. It is considered her first non-embroidered chromatic sculpture.

    In this sculpture, Ghada Amer sculpts some of the unexpectedly numerous vocabulary terms that express 'love' in Arabic. Words such as "desire", "depression", "passion", "madness", "anxiety", etc., written in Arabic, form the lines of each of her "egg-shaped" sculptures. The slight inclination of the objects evokes in the viewer the axis of the earth, the artist says: "My main thoughts are formal. I wanted to make an empty sculpture and I wanted this sculpture to have an important shadow that was added to or part of the sculpture itself. I also wanted to make sculptures with lines, like writing in space".




    You can visit the building by making an appointment by calling 963 509 000 or whatsapp 600 022 924.

    The work belonging to the public part or showcase will be available for your enjoyment every day (including public holidays) from 11:00 a.m. until 11:59 p.m.