Françoise Vanneraud

Françoise Vanneraud (1984, Nantes, lives and works in Madrid) came to Spain in 2006 to continue her Master's studies in Madrid and, since then, she lives here drawing, exhibiting and participating in the most important fairs in the country. Vanneraud has been evolving towards a more conceptual focused work, not so much in the human figure, as in the landscape that crosses this until reaching its destination. Therefore, the pieces are understood as a duality: On the one hand, the drawing technique that reformulates new imaginary landscapes, and the importance of the physical territory, where all the affective experiences that derive from the drift take place.

Françoise Vanneraud


  • No Language Just Sound

    Françoise Vanneraud

    "No Language Just Sound"


    Variable measures



  • Hope Seemsfragile

    Françoise Vanneraud

    "Hope Seemsfragile"


    23.50 x 32.50 cm


    Mixed technique

  • La coulée verte

    Françoise Vanneraud

    "La coulée verte"


    80.00 x 60.00 cm


    Plasticine on paper and old postcards

  • Un paisaje móvil #1

    Françoise Vanneraud

    "Un paisaje móvil #1"


    60.00 x 60.00 cm

    Hanemülhe paper

    Print and drawing

  • Paisaje de piedra 3/6

    Françoise Vanneraud

    "Paisaje de piedra 3/6"


    70.00 x 50.00 cm

    Hahnemülhe paper

    Inkjet print over paper

  • Campo de ocurrencias

    Françoise Vanneraud

    "Campo de ocurrencias"


    65.00 x 32.00 x 10.00 cm


    Brass, inkjet printing, drawings on paper


Françoise Vanneraud

Latest exhibitions

2019   "De Pena y Muerte", IKS Project, Lima, Peru

2018  “Una parte del murmullo del mundo se deslizó conmigo”, Galería Ponce+Robles, Madrid, Spain
          “El rumor de la altitud”, Galeria Ana Serratosa, Valencia, Spain

2014   “Orografía del exilio”, Galeria Ana Serratosa, Valencia, Spain
           “Insights of passage”, Galeria Ponce+Robles, Madrid, Spain
            3.5 Vitrinas - MUSAC - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y Leon, Spain
            “Sin perder la fe”, Lugar a Dudas, Bogota, Colombia

2013   “Resistance de l’esprit” Musée des Beaux Arts de la Roch e sur Yon, France
           “Habitar la frontera”, Contemporany Art Museum Patio Herreriano of Valladolid, Spain
           “Estetica de la huida” Galleria Javier Silva, Valladolid, Spain

2012   “Ailleurs, ils n’y sont plus” La maison des arts Saint Herblain, France
           “Double réalité” Le Temple du Goût Nantes – France

2011   “No me cuentes mas historias”, Gallery Raquel Ponce, Madrid, Spain

2010   “Les insaisissables”, Museum Estève, Bourges, France
           “TAKE IF YOU LIKE”, Espacio F, Madrid, Spain
           “Mundo en per dicion” Circuits visuels, Nuit Blanche, Madrid, Spain
           “Feelings it”, Espace Menos Uno, Madrid, Spain

2009   “Golondrina”, Fundation Caixa Galicia, A Coruña, Vigo Spain

2007   “Pensées”, Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles, Nantes, France
           “Sin sentido”, Maus Habitos, Porto, Portugal.


  • Museum National Patio Herreriano, Valladolid – Spain
  • Foundation Jumex Mexico
  • Foundation Explum – Spain
  • Foundation Banco Santander – Spain
  • Foundation Caixa Galicia – Spain
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Exhibitions - Françoise Vanneraud