Vicente Fernández Cervera

"Metáforas de la nada"

Felipe V. Martín Llombart

Vicente Fernández is a self-taught painter who in 1999 decided to focus on artistic creation, being an "emerging" painter. He has been selected for the best prizes of our Country: The angel painting prize, the international exhibition of plastic arts of Valdepeñas, the international painting prize of Asturias, Caja Castilla La Mancha prize, and many others. Vicente is a painter very influenced by the American Expressionist abstraction. His obsession is to invent his own space, reducing painting to a few basic elements from structures. The result is compositions of great beauty, cleanliness and luminosity.
"Metáforas de la nada" | Felipe V. Martín Llombart


  • X-2

    Vicente Fernández Cervera



    57.00 x 110.00 cm

    Aluminum, methacrylate

    Mixed technique

  • pim 12

    Vicente Fernández Cervera

    "pim 12"


    90.00 x 90.00 x 6.00 cm

    Aluminum, methacrylate

    Mixed technique





The prominence of the square in the works of Vicente Fernández is evident. The square as primary and motive element at the same time of other forms, such as the "eles", the repetition, their union, their own pretension to occupy a third dimension, that is to say "coming out" in space, and so many other forms. And we find in a Kandinsky text phrases that illuminate our purpose.

In effect, starting from the point it says: "A more complex figure would be the one constructed by verticals and horizontals crossing centrally on a square plane. They display a strong sound that can never be completely extinguished and thus represent the sound or primary tone of the lines ... and this highlights the reciprocal effects of the simple elements in an elementary combination ... ".

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