Santiago Serrano

"Los dones esenciales de Santiago Serrano"

Fernando Castro Florez

"The essential gifts of Santiago Serrano" lead us to a return to the essential, with a slow pace, full of naturalness and serenity. Through this collection Santiago Serrano give own meaning to controlled spots, glazes and geometry. The painting of this sample, with a mythological background, is as interrogative as it is poetic, and it infects us with a sense of mystery, emptiness and silence that "demands" another look that knows how to "hear" the unheard of. Let's play with space, allow the art to occupy your own, take over the visitor's gaze.
"Los dones esenciales de Santiago Serrano" | Fernando Castro Florez


  • Tondo 4

    Santiago Serrano

    "Tondo 4"


    50.00 x 50.00 cm

    Wood plank

    Mixed technique

  • Llaves nº 123

    Santiago Serrano

    "Llaves nº 123"


    220.00 x 130.00 cm


    Pigments on vinyl base

  • Tira XXV

    Santiago Serrano

    "Tira XXV"


    183.00 x 26.00 cm





The essential talents of Santiago Serrano



Santiago Serrano demonstrates the potential of the pictorial space, the extreme capacity it possesses to take us towards the domain (without precise cartography) of poetry. Undoubtedly Santiago Serrano is one of the artists who, since the seventies, has shown greater concern to achieve a pure painting, following, in a very personal way, the lines marked by Mondrian, Malevitch or Rothko.

In his work there is a kind of complex simplicity that reveals a sensitivity that links with romanticism, but without theatricality or affectation. These surfaces, tensed in the strictest modern tradition, have, paradoxically, a remarkable density, in them the artist, fleeing from the anecdotal, both in the figurative narrative sense or in the melodramatic gestural projection, has allowed them to settle or manifest atmospheres

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