Group exhibition

"Figuras de lo visible"

Francisco Jarauta

The fourth and final installment of the series "Vision of Contemporary Art" talks about the artist's quest to adapt the customs of modern man to nostalgia and the illusion of the old. It is therefore that he needs a new artistic experience, where art will become the discourse of possibility, of infinite games and combinations, since, in the words of Paul Klee "art should not imitate the world, it must invent it ", And it is through this maxim that the artists of this edition understand the creation of art as a manifestation of the world.
"Figuras de lo visible" | Francisco Jarauta


  • Liberation Theology Christ

    "Liberation Theology Christ"


    254.00 x 208.00 x 15.00 cm


    Mixed technique (Wood, canvas, alkyd and silicone paint)


Portada catálogo - Visión del arte contemporáneo



For this last installment, the curator Francisco Jarauta, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Murcia and one of the most prestigious critics of our country, presented "Figuras de lo visible" with the artists Helena Almeida, between photography, performance and body art; Gary Hume, who manifests with a cold aesthetic of bright colors and simple shapes; Bernardí Roig or Fabian Marcaccio, express a new reading of the human condition; Joana Vasconcelos submits the work to ornamental profusion; And Kiki Smith, artisan and with numerous iconographic references.


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