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The Ana Serratosa Contemporary Art Gallery opened its doors in a penthouse on Pascual y Genís Street in 2000. The idea of receiving clients in a secluded space is nothing more than a way of inviting all visitors to feel at home and thus show art being perceived as part of a home. With a careful selection of national and international artists and works, the gallery shows us, in an educational way, how to live with art and how art lives with us.

Our contemporary art gallery is also a space for reflection. We can sit and contemplate the works and installations as long as we like, in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Both, the works and the artists are always accompanied by an explanation, in order to connect more deeply with the ideas that you want to convey. The Ana Serratosa Gallery is not only a place to buy or admire contemporary art, we are also offered with a tour of the professional careers of the many international artists who come to Valencia to present their work in this space.

Sometimes, art goes beyond the walls of the gallery, and this results in open-air projects. Since 2012, some of the artists represented by the gallery have presented large-scale projects, which, until 2020, were presented in the old bed of the Turia River.

Land Art projects where artistic installations took over the city. From Javier Riera's geometrical projections on the river's vegetation, to the Smörfs, marble sculptures created by Venske & Spänle that not only "invaded" the riverbed, but even occupied well-known spaces such as the Fine Arts Museum of Valencia or shop windows of historical shops in the city, to the imposing figures of Bob Verschueren, vegetable compositions that accompanied us along the riverbed while they spoke to us of the historical memory of Valencia.

The latest project of the Ana Serratosa Gallery has been a commitment to take the concept of living with art that can be seen in the Gallery one step further.

Eight artists had the opportunity to intervene in a historic building in the heart of Valencia, where the works accompany us from the moment we set foot inside. It is a building that overflows with art in every corner. It is an art that takes possession, not only of the houses, but also of the areas of passage, to which one is used to walk in a mechanical way and without stopping to admire. In this way, the climb up the stairs, the waiting for the lift or the entrance to the building becomes an encounter with the projects of the artists who, in an individual and exclusive way, have created spaces and reinvented them for your enjoyment.

Galería Ana Serratosa
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